I Believe!

24 June 2014   Good Morning, Young Warriors.  It is my desire to find you in the midst of a storm and refusing to succumb.  Stand strong and hold the fort.  Thomas Carlyle wisely stated, “Every Noble Work was at first impossible.”  Remember this when confronted with a difficult or severe task.  Young Warriors, I must challenge you to address these situations with consistency and moderation. Daily work performed consistently with moderation and absolute persistence always slays the dragon!   Today I want to share a short essay from one of history’s most fascinating people; Helen Keller.   Born deaf and blind, she was able to overcome her handicap and use them to her advantage.  She lived a very noble life that has become an example that still stands tall today.  Her courage in her convictions allowed her to be the first recorded person in history to earn a bachelors degree while battling the hardships of being blind and deaf.  Yes, her life started out as one that did not have the makings of something stellar, but, she indeed made a “noble work” out of what first was thought impossible.   I believe that we can live on earth according to the teachings of Jesus, and that the greatest happiness will come to the world when man obeys His commandments that “ye love one another.” I believe that every question between man and man is a religious question and that every social wrong is a moral wrong. I believe that we can live on earth according to the fulfillment of God’s  will, and that when the will of God is...
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