About Me

I have been happily married to my wife Tracy for 22 years. I have four children, (Madison-17 Taylor-16, Bo-14 and Jack-10) and two Labrador retrievers, (Rocky and Phoenix). Born and raised in Streator, Illinois, I currently live in the Bloomington/Normal, Illinois area.

I am extremely passionate about helping kids; Young Warriors, tap into their potential in the pursuit of attaining personal excellence; perfection. I believe excellence can only be attained while pursuing perfection and it is here where a well constructed map or blueprint; their own personal philosophy must be established. I not help them weld and anchor the virtues, values and skills necessary to successfully build and improve their own personal philosophy that will guide them to the excellence they seek I help provide a vehicle to allow them to arrive to their destination; success.

My goals are very clear and I adhere firmly to the fact that results; positive and everlasting change, are the only things that matter. By “speaking into” kids rather than “speaking to” them my primary goal is to educate on time tested principles that bring lasting change rather than provide temporary inspiration that is short lived. The bedrock….


What I do is provide a vehicle to transport knowledge and arrive at results. Most people have more than enough knowledge to accomplish. They are only missing the processor.


Mission Statement: “To inspire youth to attain personal excellence.”


Philosophy: “We are anchored by the fact that within every individual lay inherent value and unlimited potential. By securing a foundation based upon belief, character, and fortitude, we encourage and equip individuals to attain personal excellence.”



Streator, Illinois
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